Remember the days when travelling in a flight, using a taxi, having a smartphone, wearing high-end fashion clothes, and eating out at cafes were considered as luxuries? Well, not anymore. Why? Because somebody dared to think different!

We are India’s fastest growing network of affordable premium hotels. Yes, “affordable premium”– allow us to use these two seemingly oxymoronic words together because we at Qik Stay believe luxury is everyone’s necessity!

We are expanding faster than the speed of light and invite you to be a part of this social change, what we like to call #AffordableLuxury. With operations in the major cities in India and our beloved neighbor Nepal, we want to revolutionize the way people stay away from their homes.

All you need to do the next time you plan your trip is book one of the QiK hotels and just sit back & relax! Because we assure the best quality and the best hospitality, of course at the best prices.

Should you need us anytime anywhere, we’ve got your back. Pinky promise!

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